About me…

My name is Anne. I’m 22, and starting thebasicblog to bring everyday life back into the glittery mist that is social media today.

Blogging. It’s a big deal, and now is a hobby which can be turned into a business. After many years of debating whether to start a blog , then actually creating one, only to leave the dust to settle by it for a whole year, I finally wrote my first blog post!

I have admired so many social media influencers for such a long time, and longed to have the creative skills that they held. I decided it was time, time to explore what makes me happy, and maybe even the things that don’t make me happy, in order to get that glow up so many people long for.

My strengths, I have come to learn over the past year are pretty basic (hence thebasicblog), however, probably hold the key to my happiness. It’s important to do the ‘basic’ things sometimes, as we live in such a glittery mist created by social media, that everything is perceived as perfect. Being popular, and fitting in online is vital, so they say.

Well, being part of the glittery mist does not appeal to me! Fancy parties, expensive clothes and avo on toast…it’s just not for me. The aim of this blog is not to judge anyone who does have or wants the instagram esque lifestyle, but to encourage normality and to notice the basic parts of life, which can lead you to the most happiness.

So, grab a tea, some biscuits and enjoy.