Happy One Year…

Happy One year TheBasicBlog!

Tomorrow – 25th March 2019 has been a year since I posted my first blog post. I am completely overwhelmed by how fast this year has gone and how much writing a blog has changed me. Although towards the end of the year I was inconsistent with writing and neglected the blog for a while- I had my reasons. The blog became less of a priority and more of a chore, which had everything to do with my mindset at the time.

I feel like a completely different person now than to who I was in March 2018. I understand it’s normal to change, grow and evolve as a person; however I don’t think I could have achieved as much as I have in this past year if it wasn’t for writing these posts. I don’t want to commit myself to posting each week and not being able to fulfil that because the posts I have previously wrote were specifically to help me to become a better person. (I still have a long way to go) I didn’t think that anyone else would benefit from my posts but me, but I am so appreciative for anyone who’s ever read a post and for my regular Sunday readers. Seeing other people go through the same thing you have/are experiencing can be very comforting and by writing how I dealt with them experiences seemed to allow people to reflect on themselves in a positive way each week.

My new year’s solution was to say yes to more things (because granny Annie really came alive towards the end of last year). So far I have said yes to pretty much everything, apart from a few things I actually don’t want to do. I’ve continued to write my achievements down each month which still includes everything from going on a walk, to attending an appointment and now even going to a concert (at a venue I said I would never be able to go to without being anxious). I do this because I am so aware that at one point just eating a meal was physically impossible for me, so by doing anything beyond that is a massive achievement for me. If I never write a post again, keeping a monthly achievements list would be my biggest recommendation to becoming a better you, because you will see how far you have come along, even if you didn’t realise it at the time.

So, I have written this one year post to show myself how far I have come and how the previous posts are still such an important part of my life. I have plans that I have waited a long time to put together, to make sure I was mentally and emotionally ready to deal with them. I am due to start a Masters degree in September and booked my first trip abroad! – I already know that these are two of the biggest tests for me and a major trigger point for my anxiety; however I am pretty confident that nothing more than a little wobble with happen when these events occur and that is very much down to everything I have learnt from these posts.

Happy Reading X

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