The End…

I thought it was only right that I posted a blog on the last Sunday of the year.

I am SO happy with how far I have come this year. I’ve ticked off pretty much all of my resolutions, with only a few I didn’t get round to.

I’ve found it really useful having kept monthly notes of all my achievements from eating out in a restaurant to getting on a plane for the first time. I could burst with happiness at how well this year has gone for me. The last few months of 2018 have been really testing for me but has completely shaped who I am and who I want to be.

I’m all set for a new year! I’ve had a clear out of all the things I was keeping for no reason, I’ve invested in some self help books to guide me along the way of keeping up being a better me and definitely decided who I will and won’t be taking into the new year.

My only advice for the new year would be to don’t be afraid to have a ‘new year, new me’ mentality. Everyone moans when people say included, however now is the perfect time to make yourself a better you and start as you mean to go on. So don’t feel guilty for wanting a fresh start.

I’m still unsure whether to continue the blog onto next year. I lost the motivation to write for a long period of time, and felt I had covered most of the topics which were important in improving myself. It has made me so happy that people who I don’t often talk to have messaged me saying how it has helped them or how they related to a certain topic. It was never really the aim to influence others, I just wanted to become more comfortable with being who I am already and to not feel judged for that.

So, set you’re some goals/new year intentions, or don’’s completely up to you how you take on this new year- just make sure it sparkles ✨

Happy 2019 x

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