Previously I have talked about how these blogs came about. I have based each post about what I have learnt from some very bad experiences. Sleep was a huge part of that experience. Although it doesn’t seem like it, sleep is a huge part of self care.

Through stressful and anxious times, sleep is almost always affected. At one point, I just didn’t sleep and when I did I would have the worst dreams. The majority of people I know are struggling or have struggled with sleeping. I am someone who cannot function without sleep, and even broken sleep turns me into a tired, anxious and moody little lady. Once my sleep improved, I was able to then work on myself and have a clearer mindset.

Firstly, I got a sleep spray. Most sleep sprays have lavender in them which has calming properties that helps reduced anxiety and increase sleep. I put this on my pillow before bed most nights and placebo effect or not, it has worked! I also downloaded sleep apps. The two apps which I found worked the most were called ‘Slumber’ and ‘Calm’. They have a selection of stories and music that you can listen to while you’re in bed. I found that because I either didn’t understand the stories or I found them uninteresting that I became bored and sleepy more easily. This worked better for me than listening to podcasts and music that I was interested in. I have never got to the end of a story from the apps- which I think is a good thing! I also always made sure my sleep space was cosy, tidy and calming before getting into bed as this had a huge effect on how I felt going to sleep.

So, although these things seem very obvious and almost as if they wouldn’t have any effect on how you sleep, from my experience, just making these minor changes to my routine has helped me to sleep- and stay asleep!


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