Let’s get physical…

Previous blog posts have focused heavily on how changing your mindset can help you to become a better person. Last week’s post focused on dealing with emotions and how this can be a part of self care. This week is all about the physical side.

Recently on social media, I have seen a few posts which have suggested that by doing face masks and having a bath as part of self care won’t make you a better person. Fake News!! As important as it is to alter your mindset and be kinder to others, your mental health can also improve through physical changes you make. Each month I buy myself face masks, foot masks, hair masks and chocolate. I set aside time each week to have NO plans and focus solely on myself. I have found that by doing this my stress levels and anxiety has reduced massively.

Everyday our to do lists are overwhelming with the amount of things we have planned and the pressure can sometimes become too much. The busier we are, the more stressed we become, and then our mental health is more likely to decline. I have found that by taking time out to physically pamper myself, that I am one step closer to becoming more at peace and find it easier to refocus quicker. I am aware that some people don’t actually have the time to stop and have a long relaxing bath, or spend hours doing face masks and getting their nails done. However I have come to learn that you almost have to force yourself to make that time, otherwise you can become ill. Having personally reached that point of exhaustion, my body just gave up on me at one point a few years ago. I felt so stressed mentally and my body was physically tired that it just shut down. Although this was a really bad time for me, it motivated me to actually stop sometimes and do nothing. At first I felt guilty but eventually this passed as I saw a difference in myself.

So, I hope my bad experience can prevent you from dealing with the same by realising when it’s time to put down the to do list and get your slippers out.

Happy relaxing!


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