What makes you most at peace? Not just at peace as in you feel calm and chilled out, but actually at peace with your true self. I have no idea what makes me most at peace, but hopefully by the end of this I will.

A week ago I read an article all about finding peace. It looked into how everyone associates peace in a different way to the next person; some find peace by having organisation in their life, some by leading a calm life and some through acceptance. No-one can ever tell you how to be at peace or how to evolve and change, because it’s different for each person. I find this the hardest thing about growing as a person because it’s something you are just left to do yourself and people can guide you, but no one can tell you how to do it.

After thinking about this post for a few weeks, I was invited to attend a quick lunch time session about emotional intelligence. It sounded deep for a Thursday but gave me the little boost I needed. By understanding your emotions and the emotions of others around you, you can find great peace from this. It looked into the idea that no matter what is happening around you, or no matter what state of mind you’re actually in, you can still be at peace with yourself. It is important to know who you are and who you want to become. This means being aware of your boundaries and how far you can push them in order to become a better person- this in itself is a way of bringing peace to your life.

The lunch time session and the article mixed together has allowed me to look deeper into who I want to become and to accept who I am now, which I think will be my way of finding peace. Another thing that I am trying to work on is making amends for my mistakes, as allowing guilt and negative feelings to be within you for too long can only stop you from being at peace.

So, I realise how many times I said peace in this blog (sorry!) but I hope it has helped you find out if you are actually at peace with yourself and if you aren’t, you now have a starting point of how to get there.


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