Missed me, missed me not…

…3 months later, oops!

Honestly, I’ve fallen out of love with the blog. For the first few weeks of not posting my normal Sunday posts, I felt so guilty. I even had people asking me when the posts were coming back (I’m back by popular demand guys!) Then, I started to not feel so bad, and got use to not writing. I LOVE doing these posts, and I put ALL my effort into each one, but when you have no motivation, they become less fun to write.

From my very first post, I always wanted this to be a consistent, weekly thing and never wanted to miss a week- never mind 12!! I had no new blog ideas, and I wasn’t feeling the suggestion my closest were giving me, so I decided to just not write at all.

I have been attempting to deal with the loss of Shirley- who my last post was all about. Shirley passing away has had a huge affect on me and I’m sure my grieving process hasn’t even begun yet. I feel very out of tune with writing and feel very uncertain if anyone will benefit from my future posts after being silent for so long. However, I am hoping that by starting this again it will help me figure out who I want to be and where I want to be heading next year. With very few ideas, I am hoping that it will all start to flow once again!

So, I’m ready to pick this back up again and fingers crossed continue to help others find their own peace along with me- starting Sunday!


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