Auntie Shirl…

In September, my family and I are taking part in a memory walk for the Alzheimer’s society. The aim of the walk is to raise money to find a cure for the disease and help fund the research for better medicines.

The reason we are walking is for our auntie Shirley. Auntie Shirl was a huge part of our lives growing up; she always only lived 5 minutes away and had the best relationship with my mum. She would always let us put make up on her, and put her already curly hair into rollers. She would cook us Sunday dinner, and let us tag along to her cleaning jobs (which seemed like the most fun as a 7 year old).

She is the light of any room, and will be the brightest star in the sky. I am so sad you had to lose your memory, and the universe will be forever cruel for taking your beautiful mind away from us. Dementia is the cruelest form of loss, and it has destroyed the mind of the most amazing lady there ever was.

Auntie Shirl I will be forever grateful for you and your beautiful soul. I will be forever sad that you have forgotten who I am, and you can’t say my name anymore, but I will always remember yours. I miss your cosy flat and your wonderful sense of humour, but I know that the home you’re in now is the best place for you. Although you won’t ever read this blog, or understand what you really mean to us anymore, this walk is for you. If anyone has any spare pennies to help fund research for dementia, we will be forever grateful if you could donate whatever you have.

So, cherish your minds my loves, and more important your loved ones. Forever take pictures with each other, and of each other so you can look back on them when you need them most.


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