It’s not me, it’s you…

I use to spend most of my time doing things that I thought would please other people. For a long time, I wasn’t doing things that made me happy, I was just improving other people’s opinions of me, or so I thought.

Until I learnt that no matter what you do, or how you act, it won’t stop people from not liking you, or disagreeing with your decisions.

When someone judges you or says awful things about you, that is their problem. It is a reflection of them and who they are, and most of the time has nothing to actually do with who you are. It’s such an easy thing to say, and sometimes impossible thing to actually do however once you master the skill of not caring what other people think about you, life becomes so much more free.

This past month, when a situation has come up where I’ve almost done something just to please someone else, I’ve stopped myself and thought is this benefiting me, just as much as them? Most of the time it isn’t, so don’t be afraid to say no and be you.

So, be kind, be strong and allow this month to go however you want it to go.


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