Update 2…

July has been a challenging month. I’ve felt completely unsettled in myself and everything I’ve been doing. I’ve felt emotional and for the first time this year, unhappy. I’ve really given myself a hard time for feeling this way, which was so unnecessary and it didn’t allow the feelings to heal any quicker. I’m fully aware that it’s normal and important to feel this way sometimes and that forgiving myself for having an off month is completely fine. I’ve neglected the blog because I’ve felt unmotivated to write and didn’t want the blogs to become a chore.

Although anxiety will never completely leave my life, it is most definitely not a part of my everyday being anymore, and when it did come back this month I was very quick to tell myself that this will not last! That has everything to do with how I’ve handled myself this year and everything to do with what I’m learning, from allowing change to happen. I’ve wanted to feel fed up, which is a weird feeling to have but forcing yourself to feel good all the time only takes the negatives longer to pass. Instead, I’ve found so much comfort in being at home this month and not having big plans. I’ve taken in others advice and just observed the changes around me this month, instead of being the change, which I am very ok with.

So, not the most positive blog post this week, however it felt necessary to write that it’s not always sunshine’s and rainbows when it comes to change and growing.

August will be a month to shine!


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