One year later…

On 13th July 2017, I became a graduate; EY, EY, EYYY.

This was my most favourite day of 2017. I was so happy, and felt like I was bursting with pride. After almost not completing University, and very nearly dropping out a fair few times, I finally graduated. With my favourite people by my side, I walked onto the stage to collect my certificate, and beamed with happiness as I got to throw my hat in the air to celebrate having a degree to keep forever.

I found the whole university experience extremely difficult. In my first year I struggled to make friends as I chose not to live in the city I went to university in. This meant that while I was travelling home on a busy train feeling tired, everyone else seemed to be living it up in their halls. There was definitely an expectation to move away from home and that university would be the best time of your life, yet at this point I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. If it wasn’t for spending time with my friends at home, I think I definitely would have given up university altogether, as I found first year a very lonely experience. I was exploring this brand new city all alone and trying to get to grips with the massive change from being guided through education, to all of a sudden being responsible for your own future.

Second year is where I finally found my feet and began to understand the course, how university worked and began to get good grades. I found the best uni friends I could ask for, and with help from them and chocolate, I stayed sane and this shaped me into who I am today.

Third year felt like the biggest test of life. Life’s dramas seem to completely take over my final year and cloud my view of what I could achieve. After having a great second year, it felt like I was back at square one, and university felt difficult to cope with all over again. Despite all that, here I am a year later with a degree and feel so grateful that I had the strength to push through. To some people, it seems so silly that you would get so worked up about a course, but when you are in all the madness of endless travelling, having no money, balancing life around university and trying to write 10,000 words from scratch, it’s a lot. I’m sure every single person that’s gone to university will agree, and have definitely shred a few tears in the library from time to time.

I now feel like a strong, intelligent, much more together person, and that has everything to do with how I handled myself throughout those 3 years. If anyone reading this is considering going to university, I would DEFINITELY encourage you to do so. It is the best feeling you could ever ask for when you hand in your final pieces of work that you have put so much energy into, and to see the end result on your graduation day. I will be forever grateful for finding my girls at university and all the lessons they have taught me.

So, however far into university you get, or whatever other path you choose to go down, I send you all my positive vibes and know that you should beam with happiness at ANYTHING you achieve.


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