~ I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring ~

To outgrown someone, or something, means there’s been a change right? And change is always a good thing, it’s essential for moving forward, and if we didn’t move forward, we would just stay still, and staying still doesn’t achieve much.

At the time you start to disconnect with someone, it seems like a major loss, and is a very testing time for an individual to pull away, naturally or not, from a person/situation that once felt so important to them. A lot of guilt can also come with outgrowing people. Especially at a time where that person may still feel they need you, but they no longer serve your life anymore. These feelings don’t necessarily mean you don’t want them in your life, it just means that they don’t have a place there anymore, a difficult concept to think about.

When you as a person start to change, the dynamics of your relationships around you start to change too. If that person/or situation doesn’t change along with you, then that’s when issues start to occur. It’s so important to acknowledge when a friendship or a relationship has run its course, because pretending that it hasn’t will only cause unnecessary dramas. The longer you hold on to something that no longer serves you, the more it may begin to stop you from growing and evolving. At the time that you’re outgrowing someone, tensions may be high and it might seem like the biggest thing in the world at that moment, however, on reflection it appears that the right thing to do was to let that person/thing go.

Progressing gracefully into the next part of your life shows maturity and acceptance. Outgrowing people doesn’t have to be a big drama, or argument, it can be natural and sometimes unnoticeable occurrence.  As discussed in almost every blog post I’ve wrote, I’m so into evolving and making changes to shape who you want to become. Outgrowing individuals or situations is so essential, that it almost should be considered as a ‘normal’ part of growing up.

So, a deep post to start your Sunday morning, but one to hopefully help you whenever you may need it.


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