~Feel the fear and do it anyway~

We all have something we fear. Whether we like to admit it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, there is always something that pop’s everyone’s little bubble from time to time. I’ve worked so hard on becoming a better me over the last 2 years and I’ve ticked so many personal achievement boxes, that I can hardly remember who I use to be. I’ve built up so much confidence and resilience in every aspect of my life, that I was ready to challenge myself a little bit more.

I GOT ON A PLANE. (I feel like I’m in the friend’s episode where Rachel gets off the plane) After 22 years of never setting foot on a plane, I DID IT! To some people, this is nothing. People travel all the time, every single day even, they go on holiday each year without even considering the thought that they have to go on a plane to get there. For me, this was the biggest deal and the most important part of my journey to becoming a better Anne.

Flying wasn’t even as bad as I had over-thought a million times in my head. I didn’t enjoy take off, but landing was much less scary. I only flew to London to get a flavor of what the whole journey would be like. I hadn’t even been in an airport as far as I’m aware, so I didn’t even know how you checked in or even what you did at security. It was a very weird but enjoyable first time experience. When we arrived in London I got lunch alone, which always use to be a trigger point for me, but now, I feel confident and genuinely fine lunching alone. On the way home I even asked to sit by the window so I could challenge myself to looking outside and see how it made me feel. (I had spent pretty much the whole flight on the way there with my eye closed and squeezing my dad’s hand as tight as possible)

I have been in such a bubble filled with so much happiness since I did it. I’ve felt really proud of myself, which is a feeling I have always struggled with, but now, feel I have conquered. I’m so happy I get to share this on a blog post, and I have felt such a buzz from writing this post.

So, believe me when I say that WHATEVER you are fearful of, and whatever you’re struggling with at this point, you CAN get through it. I want you all to be in your own little bubble of happiness too.


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