The receipts podcast…

~There is never a bad time to listen to a podcast. ~

Podcasts, as you know are a favourite of mine. They help keep me calm and I’ve discovered so many new topics I would never have thought to delve into. I have one-go-to podcast, whenever I’ve outplayed a new song, or I’m on a walk, I put on the receipts podcast.

The receipts podcast is a group of three females (miss you phoebe!!) who discuss everyday life and all the dramas that come with it. Every Wednesday the ladies upload an episode which is either a general topic chosen by them, or a dilemma episode where listeners send in their dramas and the ladies will help to solve it. The ladies are relatable, passionate and empowering. The topics they discuss are fun, relevant and intriguing, and they talk about anything from relationships to friendships to culture and work ethics.

Girl chat. Yassss, I’m all for it. From having gossips in work, to catch up’s with my babes, to tea and biscuits with bizz, I love a good chat; which is exactly what the podcast is all about. The ladies travel around the UK doing live shows of the podcast, to meet their listeners. They finally came to Manchester, YAY! It. Was. Amazing. From the way they handled themselves, to the way they got every single person in the room dancing on the table to Beyonce; they’re the definition of sass, beauty and glowing up. I value how blunt their opinions are, and I am extremely grateful I have three extra supporters on my team – even though we don’t know each other personally, the ladies are so open and honest that it’s like we’ve been friends for years. They strive for greatness, and make no excuses when it comes to other people’s shit. They’re positive, real and valued. The live show was exactly what I needed after a busy few months of work and life admin. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much, and reminded me how important it is, to let loose sometimes.

As the night drew to a close, and the ladies made their last speech, they said that if all their bad experiences wouldn’t have happened, and they wouldn’t have gone through what they thought were the worst times of their lives, then they would not be here, meeting us and sharing their journeys. Which is so important to remember if you’re in a bad stage in your life.

So, find your podcast, listen to it loud, and remember that there is always others out there going through the same thing as you.. you just have to find them.


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