‘Great things never come from comfort zones’

Change and I did not get along. We clashed. I was never ready for change but change was always ready for me. Until a really bad time happened and I suddenly was forced to make some harsh changes in my life.

I think that most people find change uncomfortable and strange. Starting a new year in school, getting a new job or moving house are just a few changes that can create fear and anxiety. The unknown to most people isn’t seen as a positive. However, after having to make some huge changes in order to grow into a better person and make sure a really bad time was left in the past, changing was the best thing I’ve ever pushed myself to do.

Change indicates that at present something can be improved or removed from your life; whether that is by choice or not. Physical changes usually occur when a positive mindset is present. For me, I acted in an ugly way that was damaging me for such a long time, that it eventually became comfortable for me to be that way. When my mindset changed and I became a much more positive person, then my physical appearance (this includes how you act) was much more beautiful and rewarding for myself. From my experience, when you feel ready for a change, like getting a new haircut for example, you feel liberated and happy with the decision and the world seems good, however the problem occurs when you don’t feel ready or want the change. The world then seems unfair and the universe isn’t on your side. Change is change. We just decide what changes we like and what we don’t like, depending on what we think we are ready for. Although change shouldn’t always be forced, sometimes it should be. Some things in life we will never be ready for, so we have to push ourselves because otherwise everything in life would stay the same.

So, what needs to change for you? Whatever it may be, make sure you embrace it with all your energy, I promise it will be worth it!

P.s (the picture above is from a year and a half ago, in the midst of changing, this photo was the starting point to feeling like a whole new (better) Anne)


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