I feel like I’m writing my first blog post all over again!! Although it’s only been a week, it’s felt like forever, and the nerves have come back all over again. I missed a week of the blog to catch up on all the other life events that had to take priority. This blog was a way to make sure I remembered the simple things in my life, which brought me the most happiness. Although I’m now very aware of what makes me happy, I know there is always new things I’m learning to love. I’ve had so many lovely comments and messages about the blog and how it’s helping lots of people find their own happiness. I could burst with love and joy that this has had such a positive effect.

I’ve had such a busy May, and have an even busier June approaching. Unfortunately, that meant the blog had to take a seat, whilst I sorted the approaching months out. My to do list was, and still is the length of my arm, and slowly but surely I’m ticking off all the things I need to get done. The thought of writing a blog when I had so many other things happening all at once was becoming a stress I just didn’t need, which was the complete opposite intent to what this blog started as. So, after a chat with my girls I decided to rewind and miss last week so that I could come back with new ideas and a stress free mind.

You guys have missed a lot; I finished my week long birthday celebrations off which I loved. I went to an inflatable assault course and ended up with a swollen foot for a few days (all worth it); I’ve been to the countryside with the family, a meal at a fancy restaurant, continued to volunteer in my spare time and worked my socks off doing extra shifts at work!

So, the month ahead should be a busy but productive one, which I’m starting with a 21 day challenge to make sure I continue to glow up. Everything I’ve been doing over the past month, and all the busy plans I’ve been making have tested how far I’ve come on this journey and proved how the new Anne can definitely take on anything.

Keep shining my loves, see you next week.


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