I’m feeling 22…

Happy birthday to me!

Birthdays are my favourite thing in the whole world, I think even more than Christmas (and I LOVE Christmas). Although for some people, birthdays aren’t a big deal, and life’s dramas can sometimes take away from someone’s special day, for me, they’re the most important time.

Yesterday I turned 22. I started my day off by singing my heart out to Ashanti with my huns until the early hours of the morning, and then stuffed my face with the most needed McDonalds burger; I ate cake, wore party hats, opened the cutest presents from all my loves. I’ve been for afternoon tea, a fancy dinner at a pretty restaurant and badly roller skated around a gym hall… and there’s still more to come! It is always my favourite day of the year, no matter what goes on around that time, I know that I can have that one day to be a tad selfish and just spend it with my favourite people.

What I love even more than my birthday is other people’s birthdays. Whether it’s my fave’s at home, or a stranger in the street, it doesn’t matter, for that day you should feel shrivelled up with love and warmth. I don’t really care about presents (although I would never object to one), but I definitely care about cards. I’ve kept all the cards I’ve ever received since I was 12 (sorry trees) and from time to time I get them out to remember what I did that year, as well as looking at the 500 pictures I seem to take of every occasion.

So, however you feel, and whatever your birthday means to you, make sure it’s filled with cake and love, and whether it’s too late or too early…Happy birthday from me.


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