You Glow Girl..

At the start of this journey to becoming a better me, I found a book which helped me to answer the questions I’d been avoiding for so long. ‘Start where you are’, by Meera Lee Patel. The core of this book is to strip yourself down completely and look at who you are now and then focus on who you want to become.

Glowing up can come in any form you want it to. It can be nights in with face masks, to gym workouts and meal plans to watching the real housewives of Orange County kick off until your heart is content (My personal favourite). It’s not for anyone else but you; it is the caterpillar to the butterfly process. However, it is not a pretty picture. From my experience, it was ugly; it was emotionally draining and mentally demanding. I cut off the unnecessary and put forward the essentials. Glowing up is all about being truthful with yourself. What needs to change? What am I not happy with? And what is lacking for me right now?

When you’re lacking motivation and stuck in a bit of a muddy rut, it is important to remember that healing comes in waves. Whatever has set you back, whatever has made you feel like you aren’t where you want to be, is a perfect starting point for change, even though it doesn’t feel like it in that moment. No-one can tell you how you need to heal, and that is the most frustrating part about change. There is no definite answer, there is no point copying what someone else did, because this journey of expanding your bubble is just about you. It is a painful process to be in; life happens and knocks you back a few steps, just when you thought you were on the right track, but it is so important to remember that the comeback is always stronger that the set back.

Last week, Zu told me a quote which made everything I was anxious about in that moment, make so much sense… ‘Growth can be sometimes uncomfortable as hell’.

So on that quote, you have a whole new month to keep shining my loves. You WILL get where you need to be!



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