My loves..

~There’s some people in this world you can just love and love, no matter what~

One day I hope my two tiny shadows will be able to come to my blog and read this post, while Auntie Annie sips on tea and watches friends. My little babes are my two most favourite people in the whole world, I would be nothing without them, and don’t even remember a time when they weren’t here. I cover them with kisses, and squish them up with hugs, and tell them everyday how they’re the cutest little people to ever live, in the weirdest high pitched voice I can possibly do. They have taught me what to expect when hopefully I become a mum one day. I’ve experienced the nappies, the sleepless nights, the sass, the tantrums and the sick. Although they have more energy in one day than I have in a lifetime, I am so glad I’ve got to experience all this with my little gems.

‘We share secrets, we hide from pink dinosaurs, and we run from the big bad wolf too. We have sleepovers filled with Disney movies, and sneak chocolate when Grandma’s out the room. We are obviously mermaids in human’s bodies and we are magicians at the same time too. We sing so loud in the car and shout out silly words like poo.’

The point of this post is so my babes can look back at this when they’re older and remember how the basic things brought us happiness and to encourage anyone else to find their favourite person to sneak chocolate with too.


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