Happiness is walking..

My most favourite thing to do is go for a walk. Nothing makes me calmer than getting my fave yoga leggings on (that I’ve definitely worn-out) and walk as far as my little legs will take me. I am in no way a gym queen, I would honestly break a bone and a probably a brain cell trying to work the complicated machines there, so my alternative is walking!

At least three times a week I plan a walk into my day. I usually listen to a podcast and walk for the length of the episode I’ve chosen, or sometimes I just put my headphones in without actually listening to anything. That little wave of self consciousness sometimes creeps in thinking that people will judge me for walking alone with no music on, although this doesn’t happen very often. I would never judge someone for walking alone, so why would they me? Walking takes a lot of energy I’ve come to realise, but having a fitbit and tracking steps has helped me to stay motivated, as I just cannot bear to become last on the workweek challenge (sad, I know).

There are so many places to go for pretty walks; I’ve discovered so many cute little spots on my random adventures which are now my most favourite places to be. I have spent so much of my time walking, sometimes nearly a whole day of just being in an Anne bubble thinking about everything’s and nothings.

So, I recommend you go for that walk alone! Get off that tram/bus a stop earlier, skip leg day at the gym..

..And just explore



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