The not so instagram makeup look..

~Home is where your make up stash is~

Although my sisters seem to think I am queen of makeup, and they copy every new product I buy, I am in no way a makeup expert. This post is purely just to list the products I use and encourage more no makeup days!

The products I choose to apply to my skin, and the methods I use to apply them, are a mixture of watching endless amounts of YouTube tutorials, tips from friends (shout out to my babes Aish & Zu) and being nosey on other people’s instagrams. Experimenting with different products has helped me learn what is good for my skin and what is not. As each skin is different, I’ve found that taking bits out of different makeup routines has really worked for me, instead of trying to copy just one makeup look. Although it seems most good quality items are branded and appear expensive, they’re worth it, and a mixture of high street and branded products can create a beautiful, natural, everyday make up look.

When I was younger, around the ages of 12-15, make up wasn’t the biggest deal, not as much as it is now. The only time makeup was really worn was on non-uniform day and fancy occasions. However, the exception for me was my skin. Until the age of 17, almost 18, my skin was spotty, it had scars on it, and it was pale. Teenage Anne was embarrassed and tried everything she could to cover up these tiny imperfections. The mean and unnecessary comments a few unhappy people made didn’t make my skin journey any easier, however, the difference between then and now is; confidence.

Gurrrrrl, I am so happy to say I have confidence in my skin. YAY! Although my insecurities about my skin still like to make an arrival every now and again, I now feel comfortable enough to leave the house with no makeup. So, makeup for me now isn’t a chore, it isn’t a necessity and I enjoy doing my make up each morning.

I think that hearing someone else’s makeup routine is so refreshing and encouraged me to change up mine, so if you do struggle with skin or makeup, or both, just know that so does everyone else (they just pretend they don’t).


Products used:

I apply simples soothing eye balm cream around my eyes and onto my eyebrows. I apply Clinique’s anti blemish solution cream all over my face, and then to add extra moisture to my T zone, I use Clinique super defence SPF 20 moisturizer.

When these have settled into my skin, I use Nars all day luminous foundation on my cheeks, forehead, and just below my jaw line. As this foundation can be quite drying, I then use Nars sheer glow foundation for my nose, upper lip area and chin. (Both in the shade light 2, Mont Blanc) I apply both foundations with the Zoeva brush (104). If needed, I apply collections lasting perfection concealer, (in fair 1) to any blemishes or dark circles using a beauty blender.

Using the Charlotte Tilbury’s instant look in a palette, I apply bronzer to my cheeks, and use highlight on my cheek bone, nose and just above my brows. I then focus on my brows using Charlotte Tilbury’s brow lift, in the shade supermodel.

I don’t do eye shadow for an everyday look. I usually don’t wear anything on my eyes or I if I do, just a bit of mascara, I tend to curl my eyelashes for around 5 seconds on each eye and then apply Clinique high impact mascara or Maybelline lash sensational in waterproof black.

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