Spring has sprung a little late..

Flowers. I’m a big fan! I love to buy them, and I LOVE to be bought them even more. However, it never went further than that, until March 23rd.

I braved the little doubts of being unable to achieve something alone and booked myself onto an introductory to floristry workshop. Oh how glad I am, that I didn’t listen to that self doubt. I’ve never felt more instagram esque!

From the pretty floral colours, to the beautiful smells, and the fascinating tips on how to keep flowers alive for longer than five minutes, I fell in love with floristry. Although this is not my dream career, the two hours I spent making a beautiful pastel pink bouquet, was the most calming and therapeutic time, which gave me the little boost I needed from a hectic month.

I recommend everyone to explore flowers more. To stop outside a florist more often and smell the smells, to take pretty pictures in a flower field and even dare to spend some pennies on a little course that could take you so much further than you ever thought.

‘’I must now have flowers, always and always’’ – Claude Monet

img_1058-e1522487167198.jpgWorkshop Teacher: _maybemay_ (Instagram)

Workshop Location: Manchester Craft and Design Centre

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