For starters..

For starters, everyone is a blogger. She says, as she sits here writing a blog post. (Hypocritical, I know.) Blogging, in my opinion, is never ending, to hear people write out their thoughts and ideas each week, is endless. I have always enjoyed reading blogs; they’re like mini books, I can keep up to date with and in some way connect with a total stranger about a topic so very random. As refreshing as blogs can be, they can also just be another way of feeding into the glittery mist of social media.

As I scroll through the Instagram explore page, in awe of the perfectly tanned, preen females, who look like they have their lives together, I become increasingly aware of how jealous I can be. However, we are all smart enough to realise that with filters and the intense choosing process of which picture to post, (out of the 50 identical ones saved in our camera roll) it’s all just a big, but pretty lie. As much as we are aware of this, the increasing pressures of being perfect do cause resentment towards other females (it does for me anyway). As I frantically search through their page to find out what products they used to become this perfect being, I realise that they too, have probably spent just as much time taking, and retaking those beautiful selfies, as I have staring at them. I would love to be that girl who can post no makeup selfies so confidently, or who can be brave enough to stand outside a stranger’s pretty pastel blue doorway pretending to look into the distance to get that OOTD look. Nothing is actually stopping me from being that girl; expect the fact that I don’t have to be.

Blogging, I’ve decided, is going to be my ‘I don’t have to be that girl’ tool of confidence. A way of expanding my little Anne bubble into something so much more, which I hope can bring some normality into the weirdly perfect social media world.

So, I hope you enjoy this journey expanding my bubble, explore with me too!


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